Manage Everyday Stress with These 6 Tips

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Keep Your Cool with These Stress Management Techniques

We wish we could share some tips for completely getting rid of all the stresses in your life, but these everyday stress management tips and techniques are the next best thing we have. Use them to stay cool under pressure so that you can manage stress in a healthy and sustainable way.

1. Make a commitment to self care

All of the stress management tips in the world won’t have any long-term benefit if you can’t make a sincere commitment to taking care of yourself from the inside out.

Self care does take time, and it’s easy to skip it when you’re feeling overwhelmed. But, spending time doing something for yourself is often the best way to feel more refreshed and level-headed… and it doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming.

2. Eat good to feel good

When stress kicks in, it’s easy to let healthy eating take a backseat. Don’t fall into that trap, because a balanced diet will help you cope. When you feel your best, it’s so much easier to power through your to-do list.

Your foundation should always include hearty meals full of whole foods, but healthy snacks can fill in the gaps (they also happen to be one of our favorite self care “tools”).

3. Try CBD snacks

When you want your snacks to work a little harder, stock up on something that’s infused with CBD, also known as cannabidiols. There’s a bunch of interesting science that explains how CBD impacts your mind and body, but the best way to

Our Coconut Bites are one option, and they’re specifically formulated to make CBD tastier and more accessible —  you can get them in three not-too-sweet flavors. We’ve had more than a few customers tell us that these crunchy bites are the perfect, healthy snack to help them find more peace throughout the day.

4. Manage your environment

Our environments have a direct impact on how we feel and behave, so pay careful attention to yours. If social media stresses you out, limit your usage or don’t allow it into your environment at all. If the idea of fitting in grocery shopping after a long day at work makes you nauseous, try online ordering.

Essentially, you’re identifying things that could lead to stress and then altering your environment accordingly. It’s a simple, but also transformative, concept.

5. Remember, you are how you eat

The Weller team is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado. If you’ve ever been to Boulder, you know that healthy eating is pretty important here. Mindfulness is another shared community value, so it’s not surprising that we love the idea combining healthy snacks with mindful eating habits.

Mindful snacking is one way our team members stay relaxed and on-point. It’s why we love saying, “you are how you eat.” When you open up your first pouch of Coconut Bites, try enjoying them the Weller way: bite by bite with the intent to enjoy the moment and catch your breath.

CBD can be a big help with focus and stress-reduction, producing feelings of calm and relaxation. The effects are sometimes subtle, so pay close attention to how you feel. It’s the best way to know if your healthy choices are helping you kick stress to the curb.

6. Take a look at the bigger picture

Sometimes, the most effective way to beat stress is to give it some perspective. Ask yourself, “Will this matter in a week? A month? A year?” Often, you’ll realize that some of today’s biggest stressors won’t be that big of a deal down the road.

We aren’t saying you should ignore your problems, but looking at the bigger picture is a great way to bring your mind back to the present moment. While you’re reflecting, try snacking on some crunchy Coconut Bites (order your favorite flavor here).

– The Weller+ Team

Our Boulder, Colorado-based team might be small, but we make up for it with excitement, inspiration, and dedication. We’re excited to share the game-changing benefits of CBD, inspired by the stories our customers share, and dedicated to inventing even more yummy snacks, beverages, and other treats to make CBD an easy part of your Well(er) life.

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