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Elderberry Immunity Sparkling Water 12 Pack Strawberry


Tastes Like: Perfect attendance feels.
Berries unite in this supergroup of immune-helping hydration. Lightly sweet strawberry flavor teams up with elderberry juice’s natural defensive power to infuse each refreshing bubbly sip with bright berry flavor. Vitamin C, vitamin D3, zinc, and magnesium are also invited to the party to quench your vitamin and mineral needs while you quench your thirst. Like those gummy vitamins you loved, you’re gonna want this on the daily.
*Does not contain CBD
Available in a 12-pack
(9 customer reviews)

$36.00 or $30.60 / month

9 reviews for Elderberry Immunity Sparkling Water 12 Pack Strawberry

  1. Trisha

    This stuff is delicious. My only wish is that they could somehow pack more “sparkle” into it. Slightly less carbonated than your standard sparkling water, but makes up for it in taste!

  2. Shawn Summey

    I am not a strawberry fan normally, HOWEVER, this has just a the right amount of flavoring and had me coming back for more!

  3. Caylan

    Love these drinks! The strawberry elderberry is so yummy! If you add a little lime juice this is an excellent mocktail as well. It tastes just as good as they are for you!

  4. Xochitl

    So yummy and refreshing! Love that it’s healthy, and that it’s in a can and not plastic!

  5. May Ranney

    I traditionally don’t care for the taste of most sparkling beverages, but I am a big fan of the Elderberry Immunity Support Peach! I will be telling my family who drink sparkling bevs!

  6. Bryan Vaughan

    Amazing….. it’s amazing

  7. Bryan Vaughan

    Simply put , this is by far the only drink with these vitamins in it that taste this good !

  8. Cathy broll

    I love theses drinks. I purchased mine at an Aldis for 6.99 a six pack. What is with the price online? I won’t be able to afford them

  9. ohcayeats

    Absolutely love the flavor of these drinks!

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