Debunking 6 Myths About CBD and Hemp

Debunking CBD Myths

Busting the Top Myths About Hemp and Hemp Extract

You’ve probably heard a lot of (mis)information about the hemp plant, and particularly CBD. In this post, we’re going to debunk some of the top CBD myths and help you clarify what hemp extract is, and what it’s not.

Thanks to the hemp plant’s complex past, you aren’t alone if you’re confused about hemp as a supplement. When you’re done reading this blog post, you’ll have a much better understanding about hemp, what it does and doesn’t do.

Myth 1. Hemp hearts, hemp seeds, hemp extract, CBD… it’s all basically the same

While all of those things do indeed come from the hemp plant, each one has a different use and purpose. Some parts of the plant, like hemp hearts and hemp seeds, can be eaten as part of a healthy diet – they have a great nutty flavor, but do not have any CBD in them.  Hemp seeds can even be cold-pressed into an oil that is rich in Omega 3s and 9s.

Then there’s hemp extract, like the kind used in Weller’s Coconut Bites. This oil is extracted from the whole hemp plant, including flowers and stalks, and contains a variety of cannabinoids like CBD that have become very popular for supporting wellness.  The extraction process ultimately yields a CBD-rich oil, and most companies label products based on the amount of CBD in the oil. On Weller’s products, you’ll see the “MG of Hemp Extract” in each bite – that number is the amount of CBD in each bite and pack (5mg/bite, 25mg/pack, etc.), and we test each batch to make sure that’s exactly what’s delivered to you.

Myth 2. CBD will make me feel high

CBD from hemp, unlike its cannabis cousin, does not create any psychoactive “high” effects.  On the contrary, CBD tends to just make you feel calmer, more centered and can help you better manage the daily stresses that pop up for all of us.  Being Weller is all about being functional, not fuzzy…

Legally, hemp products can’t have more than .3% THC (a nearly negligible amount that won’t leave you feeling intoxicated). At Weller, we take it a step further and add an additional quality control step to our process to make sure the hemp extract in our coconut bites has undetectable levels of THC.  That means that eating our snacks with hemp CBD will help you stay balanced, without sapping your productivity and focus.  

Myth 3. Hemp doesn’t do anything for the body

CBD from hemp extract doesn’t produce a high, yet there are many positive effects because the CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory compound. Some people have learned that CBD can help with occasional sleeplessness, others love how it can help with soreness and exercise induced inflammation, along with people who say that consuming hemp assists with staying focused during a busy day.  We even know athletes who use it for training to help extend runs and maintain focus.

Of course, everyone is different. To see if hemp extract/CBD helps you find mindfulness in a busy day, we recommend giving it a try.

Myth 4. Hemp can be used as a recreational drug

Nope, this one is a myth, too. Since hemp extract contains less than .3% THC, you won’t feel any of the effects associated with recreational drugs.

Myth 5. Hemp is illegal in the U.S.

Hemp has been a complicated crop in the US— just read this brief history of industrial hemp to learn more. But ultimately, the Farm Act of 2014 allowed farmers to resume growing the crop via state by state “pilot programs” that are intended to test the commercial viability of hemp in the US, both at the farm level and in interstate commerce.  Here at Weller, we work with a farm/extraction team that is part of an authorized pilot program and produces incredibly high quality plants and extracts, in accordance with the Farm Act.

Myth 6. Hemp doesn’t have many uses

We’re always stoked to debunk this myth, because the hemp plant has an incredible variety of uses and applications… and not just for food.

There is some amazing technology being developed with the fibers of the hemp plant, including building materials, clothing, plastics and papers. We eat the seeds, and you can even use the seed-oil in recipes. Then there’s the extract that contains CBD and other cannabinoids, which can be incorporated to create CBD edibles (like Weller, of course), personal care products, and much more.

Clearly, hemp is one versatile (and sometimes misunderstood) plant – but awareness is steadily growing, and so many are discovering its benefits.  We’re here to help with the learning process while making the best natural snacks with CDB hemp extract baked right in!

– The Weller+ Team

Our Boulder, Colorado-based team might be small, but we make up for it with excitement, inspiration, and dedication. We’re excited to share the game-changing benefits of CBD, inspired by the stories our customers share, and dedicated to inventing even more yummy snacks, beverages, and other treats to make CBD an easy part of your Well(er) life.

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