Functional beverages made in Boulder, CO

Our Purpose

We believe that feelings of wellness, vitality and optimization should be available and attainable to all of us every day, and should never be prohibitively expensive, time consuming, or intimidating.

A Weller life doesn’t have to be so hard.

We believe whole-heartedly that a better version of ourselves is possible every day. So, our goal is to provide accessible, functional beverages that are simple, delicious, natural and impactful.

That’s where Weller comes in.

We created our products with real life in mind: our clean-label, convenient, and always delicious beverages meet you where you are, and are beyond-easy to integrate into your everyday, whenever you want them.


Our Vision

Food-Forward Expertise

Founded by Natural Food Industry veterans who bring 30+ years of experience, Weller was born by combining our love of clean-label natural foods with the power of functional plant-based ingredients.

Great Taste

Our proprietary infusion process ensures Weller’s products will always be craveable and tasty. They’re products you actually look forward to enjoying.


High quality ingredients with real function, cleanly extracted ingredients, and natural formulations

Wherever You Go

Convenience counts to us, so we want people to be able to enjoy our friendly + accessible products whenever and wherever they want, as part of an easy daily wellness routine.