Dark Chocolate Coconut Bites Single Serving 10-Pack


Enjoy the decadent flavor of dark chocolate paired with full-spectrum hemp extract, all in a crunchy Coconut Bite. This perfect match of flavor and function balances sweetness with rich dark chocolate and coconut. This product ships as a 10-pack of Dark Chocolate Coconut Bite single servings. Each pack contains 5 Coconut Bites and a total of 25mg of full-spectrum hemp extract.


Calm, Confident, Well(er)

Finding a moment for mindfulness has never been easier (or tastier). Whether it’s crunch-time on a big project, or you’re craving a moment of zen in a crazy day, sneak in a break by crunching on a Dark Chocolate Coconut Bite.

Coconut, Cane Sugar, Dark Chocolate (Cane Sugar, Cocoa Liquor, Cocoa Butter), Cocoa Powder, Tapioca, Acacia Gum, Coconut MCT Oil, Sea Salt, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract.

Dark Chocolate: Serving Size: 25g (5 Bites), Calories: 140, Total Fat: 9g, Saturated Fat: 7g, Cholesterol: 0g, Sodium: 130mg, Carbohydrates: 14g, Fiber: 5g, Sugar: 9g, Protein: 1g, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract: 25mg.


The Weller

Quality You Can Taste and Feel

The full-spectrum hemp extract used in every snackable pack of Dark Chocolate Coconut Bites is 3rd-party tested and verified. It’s even extracted using a clean process called CO2 extraction, which doesn’t require nasty solvents like butane. This premium extraction method that adds to the cost, but the added quality makes it a fair trade. Whether you snack on one Bite at a time, or inhale the entire package, you’ll be enjoying a simple mix of high-quality ingredients that enhance your mind, body, and overall wellness.

Weller Coconut Bites, Original Caramel Dark Chocolate, 3-pack
Weight 0.6 oz
Dimensions 4.06 × 5 × 6.88 in

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