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CBD Sparkling Water Peach Mango


Tastes Like: Fresh-squeezed hammocking

Name a better combo than peach mango—we’ll wait. If you can’t do it, it’s because the insanely juicy, slightly tangy, unwavering positivity of this duo just can’t be beat. Zero calories, zero carbs, and zero sugar meet effervescent bubbles and feels in every sip. Each can contains 25mg of broad-spectrum CBD, which makes it ideal for sharpening your focus or resting your body. If you could can a perfect day, we’re pretty sure it would taste just like this.

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6 reviews for CBD Sparkling Water Peach Mango

  1. Adam Brown

    Peach mango > Black cherry > Tangerine

  2. Ryan Perel

    Refreshing and perfect for summer! Love this new flavor and it’s got just the right taste and amount of CBD to keep me relaxed and energized for a full day ahead.

  3. Scott

    Best one yet! Perfect balance of cbd and flavor here.

  4. Britt

    I love all the Weller CBD sparkling water flavors so far. And am glad to have a new one to add into the mix. Peach Mango tastes so good it’s like a dessert–without the calories. I can’t wait to crack one open after a workout or mowing the lawn. Definite thirst quencher.

  5. Sirena Aguiar

    My favorite flavor BY FAR!!!! This one is so good that I literally crave it every day. It’s so good by itself or mixed in with other items. there’s a reason that it’s sold out!!!

  6. Bryan Vaughan

    This new flavor did not disappoint , so fresh and tasty!!

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