CBD Sparkling Water Black Cherry


Tastes Like: A massage at a soda fountain

What’s a black cherry anyhow? It’s the sweetest of the cherries, ripe with a mouth-watering balance of tasty juice and tangy fruit. We mixed up the flavor of this natural sweet treat with zippy bubbles to create a zero calorie, zero carb, zero sugar sparkling water. Each can contains 25mg of broad-spectrum CBD, which makes it ideal to unwind your mind for better focus or your body for better workout recovery. Hydration has never been so deliciously helpful.

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31 reviews for CBD Sparkling Water Black Cherry

  1. Jacqueline

    This is seriously the best CBD sparkling water I’ve tried. All the other brands leave this gross bitter taste that turned me off of CBD until I tried Weller. It’s sooo refreshing and not sugary at all which is so important to me. My roommates and I have replaced all soda in our house with this stuff and we feel so much healthier and it honestly tastes way better. I’ve tried all the Weller flavors and theyre all amazing but black cherry is definitely my favorite. Gonna keep buying this in bulk!

  2. Austin

    Very fresh and natural taste. It’s as refreshing as a cold soda but without the additives and the aftertaste that comes with them. I tried one at a small birthday dinner and now I always have one after my morning runs on the beach!

  3. Morgan

    I’m not a big sparkling water person, but this stuff is DELICIOUS!!! It’s so refreshing and tasty. I’ve never had another CBD Sparkling Water that tasted this good. Keep up the great work!!

  4. Becca

    My absolute favorite Weller Item! The flavor and the amazing feeling I get from this drink make me pick up one any time I see them! I love this product!

  5. Ali Ann Finnesy

    This is a very effective Cbd drink, it really takes “the edge off” for me. I won a case last year at the Eldora Nighthawks end of season celebration. I was very impressed with how much “weller” I felt after drinking a can. I became a fan and am happy that they are in my favorite stores here in Boulder. I can pick up a can when I need a treat to take the edge off in a legit healthy way. Cheers!

  6. Bryan Vaughan

    This black cherry sparkling Cbd water is my favorite weller product so far! It has a crisp and clean taste . I honestly can feel the difference after I enjoy a can. I’m a Dirtbike racer and it knocks out the pre race jitters and nervousness !

  7. Olivia

    This is seriously some unbeatable sparkling CBD beverage! The flavor was so pleasing and refreshing upon first sip, not too much and no weird aftertaste like I run into with many other brands I’ve tried. And I must say… the name Weller, is perfect, as I felt my mood elevated post drinking.

  8. Kristen

    I’ve never liked sparkling water until I tried this! I’m hooked – I feel better and it’s refreshing too! I get tired of only drinking water and this is the perfect addition to hydrate me!

  9. Cienna Arrieta

    Picked one of these up at a gas station on the way home from a terrible day at work. I needed a way to relax and just happened to stumble upon this and thought “ah what the heck”. 15 minuets later I was blown away! This is a top notch CBD product. Should be sold everywhere!! Beyond satisfied. Would recommend to anyone looking to get “weller”

  10. sdsummey@gmail.com

    LOVE the Black Cherry on it’s own but mix it with a fruit smoothie and you will NOT be disappointed. Great for a healthy night cap.

  11. Morgan

    This is my GO-TO afternoon pick-me-up everyday! I love all of the Weller Sparkling CBD Flavors, but Black Cherry is amazing! I am pretty sedentary at my job during the day, and this drink gives me so much focus and energy. Relaxes me when I feel stressed. It’s also great right before afternoon workouts. Helps me bring my A-game before I get a lift in. Highly recommend!!

  12. Alexa

    I had my eye on this sparkling water for a while but didn’t think it would do anything. I was so wrong! It perfectly takes the edge off after a stressful day without making me sleepy or foggy.

  13. Peggy Tedder

    I was very pleased with my last purchase. I was surprised how fast I received my Weller products. I bought the Black Cherry drinks (my favorite). They are delicious! Thank you for the excellent customer service!

  14. Andy Rovins

    Very refreshing and calming.

  15. Andy Rovins

    I really love this; it is both really refreshing and calming. I know you made another version of the Black cherry that says hemp or something instead of CBD; I believe it’s the same thing.

  16. Rebecca

    Had a bad headache and anxiety all day. Drank one can and my headache went away and I felt relaxed.

  17. Eastside Gz

    Wooooo that’s time I had a can!! I knocked my ass smooth out 😂🥱 best sleep ever!!

  18. Amy Dedic

    I do really love them though!!! I even think that I recover better from hard runs and my muscles haven’t been as sore. Could be mental but I feel like they actually help me!

  19. Kate Brooks

    I’ve tried several different CBD drinks and a lot of them have a weird aftertaste or taste in general. This one is by far the best! No weird taste and black Cherry is my favorite. I quickly feel calmer and refreshed.

  20. Nickie

    I saw this at a gas station and decided to take a chance. The watermelon is amazing! I have trouble sleeping and drank one before bed and actually slept! I have had one every night for the past week! It really has helped me relax enough to fall and stay asleep! Love this!

  21. Lauren

    Love Weller! I suffer with anxiety and inflammation and Weller has overall helped me so much! My mom loves it too and has been raving about it as well-ERRRR! 😊 All the flavors are amazing but i love black cherry!

  22. Onofoodieadventures

    This flavor is so tasty!! I’m so in love with these awesome CBD drinks!

  23. Lori

    A funny yet pleasant surprise. I picked up a can at our local bistro, thinking it was just another brand of sparkling water. Fast forward ten minutes and I was asking my husband why I was feeling semi stoned. We looked at the can and saw it was a CBD water! Whoops! Never had CBD before but I will be definitely purchasing these in bulk.

  24. Michelle Schmidt

    My new favorite drink!!! I’ve tried many CBD products and was a little hesitant to purchase, but take it from me, this will be your new favorite drink, too! Absolutely delicious, totally guilt-free, with the benefit of CBD (no crazy ‘high’ feeling – just a whole lotta ‘feel good’). Love it!!!

  25. Lena Navarro

    I absolutely love this Refreshing I have anxiety lots of tension Headache’s I drink one and I’m Good and Relaxed.

  26. Victoria McLaughlin

    Great drink before bed. Become a nightly staple

  27. Victoria Bishop Mclaughlin


  28. Victoria Bishop Mclaughlin

    Great taste!

  29. Victoria Bishop Mclaughlin

    Special taste!

  30. Victoria Bishop Mclaughlin

    Special taste! Great night sleep is a bonus

  31. Catie

    Love this stuff. Hard to find in Colorado, but I always stock up with Tony’s has it! Love that there is no stevia aftertaste and its just your normal sparkling water!

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